교육 목적과 목표

Biotechnology sector, based on food sector
Dept. of Food Science and Biotechnology

The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology deals with all areas of foodstuffs, and the Department of Food Science and Biotechnology of the CHA University is a fusion and complex department that combines biotechnology with foodstuffs.CHA University has broad spectrum of faculties including biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and nursing, as well as food Science. And they are over 50 faculties.Based on the excellent resources of the the Department of Food and Biotechnology at CHA University can maximize the breadth and depth of study in the field of food science and biotechnology through linked education and research that can not be easily accessed by other universities.


In addition, our department has a research organization that links with related companies in CHA Byungwon Group, such as CHA Biotech, CHA Biomed, and CHA Bio F & C.Through collaborative research with these organizations, there are many opportunities to naturally incorporate the theory learned in class into the business. We are proud to be one of the best food science and biotech training institutes in Korea.